Why choose JOLT?

The JOLT program is an innovative approach to education, combining well researched education strategies to create the best personal learning environment for each student. The high quality, demanding curriculum is perfectly aligned. Click here to find out more about personal learning.

Through the use of an award-winning curriculum,k12 logo , along with touch points from select Johnstown faculty, students will be challenged and well supported as they learn. Parents are encouraged to be active participants with their child and JOLT staff members.

Students can take courses anywhere they have a computer and internet connection, or students can take some classes on campus in the JOLT lab and some at home. The JOLT program is flexible; students have the opportunity to tailor their learning experience in ways that will be challenging and engaging and can pursue both grade acceleration or course remediation. Significantly, all JOLT students are an important part of the school’s community and are encouraged to be involved in athletics, drama, choir, The Big Red Band, clubs, and dances.

“His experience this past year was very positive. He enjoyed the online work and took interest . He was comfortable and able to learn more and at his own pace. He didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.” Parent of JOLT student

What is k12 logo?

K¹² describes it best: “We are the leader in online learning for grades K through 12 for two fundamental reasons: we develop our own curriculum, widely regarded as the highest quality available online, and we are devoted to fulfilling the promise of education for every child.  In that spirit, we invite you to discover more about K¹² and how we inspire learning.

How do I get started?

Learn all you can. Think about questions you might have. Then, Contact Us. We’ll help guide you through the admissions process. If accepted into the JOLT program, we will set up a consultation to create a personalized education plan designed to meet the student’s education goals. It’s simple, straight forward, and kind of exciting.

What do you look for when accepting a student into this program?

During the admissions process we will carefully consider your admissions application.Some things we consider include past online experiences, suitability for the program, maturity, and enthusiasm for online learning. We recognize that not every student is a good match for the JOLT program, and if selected, we want you to be successful! Please contact us, if you have questions about the process.   

Do you have a policy guide?

Yes. We have a School Board approved JOLT Student Handbook.

Which is better, blended learning or full-time online learning?

Good news. Neither is better. It depends the student, how the student learns, and what the student’s goals are. Visit the Blended Learning and Full-Time Online Learning pages to learn more about the advantages of each.

“We appreciate it and can’t wait to get started this year in 5th grade!” Parent of JOLT student

What is the JOLT lab?

The JOLT lab is an area in the Johnstown-Monroe High School staffed with select faculty where Blended Learning students can work online to complete their coursework or meet directly with a teacher mentor.

Can I leave the JOLT program and return to traditional learning?


Will I graduate with other Johnstown-Monroe students?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage JOLT students to participate in graduation exercises.

JOLT sounds expensive. How much does it cost?

JOLT is tuition-free for students enrolled the Johnstown-Monroe school district.

What classes are offered this year?

Here are the JOLT Class offerings 2015-2016

How do I apply if I am a returning online student?

A returning student must fill out an online application. After the application is received it will be evaluated with the JOLT Rubric. Students that were not successful with an online class will not be accepted into the program except in special circumstances.

What is the JOLT rubric for selection?

The jolt-rubric has 18 identified aptitudes associated with successful online learning. It is the tool used to determine if a student will be accepted into the program.