Course offerings with descriptions

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High school English

English 9 A & B

English 10 A & B

English 11 A & B

English 12 A & B

Gothic Literature

Honors American Literature A & B

Honors British Literature A & B

Honors Literary Analysis and Composition 1 A & B

Honors Literaty Analysis and Composition 2


Mythology and Folklore

Creative Writing A & B

Gramar and Composition A & B


Algebra 1 A & B

Algebra 2 A & B

Geometry A & B

Calculus A & B

Pre-Calculus-Trionometry A & BContinuing Algebra A & B

Continuing Algebra A & B

Consumer Math A & B

Practical Math A & B


Physical Science A & B

Biology A & B

Chemistry A & B

Physics A & B

Introduction to Agricultural Science

Earth Science

Environmental Science

Forensic Science

Veterinary Science

Social Studies

U.S. Government and Politics

World History

Honors World History

U.S. History

Personal Finance

U.S. and Global Economics


Sociology 1 & 2

Fine Arts

Fine Art

Art History

Art in World Cultures

Music Appreciation




Audio Engineering

Careers in Criminal Justice

Comprehensive Earth Science –

Computer Fundamentals

Computer Literacy

Computer Science



Digital Arts

Digital Photography

Early Childhood Education

Engineering Design-

Game Design

Green Design and Technology

Health Sciences I

History of the Holocaust

Introduction to Manufacturing

Law and Order

Life Skills

Nutrition and Wellness

Peer Counseling

Physical Education

Probability and Statistics

Introduction to Sports & Entertainment Marketing

Veterinary Science